How does your body react to money?

*Health has the ability to trigger, and if health triggers you or you have serious eating disorders. If so, this is not the blog for you. Stop reading and please seek the people you need.*

For some time…

It was so easy for me to eat instead of looking at money

It was so easy for me to not eat instead of looking at money

It was so easy for me to not look after myself instead of looking at money

And, it has been so easy for me to look after myself instead of looking at money

Let’s look at…

It is so easy for me to eat instead of looking at money

Right now, there are moments when I do not eat to allow out or ‘let go’ of intense fears around money…


Because, food can act as a protective barrier, to stop ourselves from feeling upset.. even ‘healthy diets’ link with this.

Food can become a protector from early childhood. This includes the way our parents used food (and even alcohol) to satiate (or RELAX) our fears.

However, there are moments in our life when we cannot protect ourselves from fearful situations and the food we used to do this (even though it works), may be having a detrimental impact on our body, mood and even self-esteem.

It is very easy for my narrative (in the early days)… to think that I was starving myself.

Even though I was FULL

When in actual fact, I was learning to SELF SOOTHE and NOT… OVER PROTECT myself from procrastinating on things that can help create drive and focus.

And over time, as adults, it is OKAY to learn to self-soothe in different ways by reducing that heightened emotional response within the body.

Does that mean the need to (or even) satiate with food ends? Not always. It gets less intense, less stressful, less emotive and reduces significantly.

Look, I am NOT a pro at this… I am human after all

And what I do know though… PROBLEMS do not disappear

They show up in the body at STRESS

And our body is the key to living a CALMER and more JOYFUL life

Trina xx

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