Distance reiki healing for POWERFUL health and self belief webinar

Hey you! I am Trina and I am really excited that you are here. Why? Because you are READY to find some calm in your health, life and business as you grow to influence more people. This session is online via zoom.

Bespoke healing sessions for coaches, therapists and mentors as you grow your client base and unleash your inner POWER

Date: 21st July 1pm for 60 minutes via zoom

In this exclusive webinar, you will learn how to tune into your body to increase self-belief, strength and POWER as you navigate clients, relationships and body confidence.

  • Top 3 ways to tune in and create the health you have always wanted for a smoother business
  • You will learn to connect with your physical body for clear decisions
  • We will finally journey to your future healthy self, as I send healing to start the process for more healthy success!

You will come away with a clear direction on what is holding you back and learn to TAKE BACK YOUR POWER.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a centuries-old non-invasive hand healing treatment that uses universal energy to ease tension within the mind, body and soul.

How will Reiki benefit me?

Reiki promotes calm, clarity, focus, better sleep, bags of energy, the release of pain from injury/illness, starts the healing process and lots more.
Even delving into blocked patterns to encourage creativity

What is the difference with this and other reiki sessions?

I will be also incorporating POWERFUL healing, health coaching and personal training rehabilitation skills to help you gain clarity and awareness of your body to aid with strengthening your physical ability to handle and move through stress and believe in yourself easier.

Trying reiki for the first time or coming back to a relaxing practice?

This session is for you to unwind and let go of the day to day heaviness and feel lighter in your mind and grounded to complete tasks once well-rested.

How will this benefit me long term?

Long term healing promotes better sleep, clear thoughts, more energy, removal of blocked patterns, encourages creativity and aids your body stay relaxed and FEEL FREE.

Does this sound like something you need? If so, and it FEELS right for you. Book now.

Cost: £50


Will there be a replay?

Yes, there will be a 48 hour replay to ensure you get to take in the information and healing, it is your responsibility to watch the this POWERFUL integration before it is removed.

Will there be a program for sale during or after?

Yes, there is access to my BRAND NEW EXCITING PROGRAM – From Physical Stress to Healthy Success with Ibiza Retreat! where we deep dive into your health and aid to reclaim your POWER in health, life and business. If you would like to jump in before then, we can jump on a call here

Who is this program session for? And will it be for me?

This program is for spiritually connected female coaches, therapists, mentors and speakers who are unable to navigate their own stress effectively and they want to feel in their skin, deal with issues so they can sleep better at night and just have the time they deserve for themselves. However, if you are a businesswoman and resonate with any of this and you are open to change then come and join us.

Can I get a refund?

There are no refunds for this session. Any emergencies are at my discretion.

It was fascinating to feel the energy moving especially around my ‘sinus’ area/face. Very warming. Loved it.’

Marie Elizabeth Edward – Mee and You Networking


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