From Physical Stress to Healthy Success

The 6 week small group program is for decisive, committed and driven businesswomen who are ready to move out of their own way for long term health and business satisfaction

This is not for the fainthearted as this will challenge everything about who you are.

In this program, we will…

Deep dive into your physical processes and free your eating patterns, movement issues, and ailments during business growth

Use my A* formula and simple clearing processes that strengthen your body, mind and soul.

This will give you more courage, belief and confidence that is not just a front but an inside job.

From Physical Stress to Healthy Success is a 6-week group program

Is about facing your past traumas and moving on by taking back your POWER

How do we do this?

Through targeted movement

Mind to muscle connection


The result

A more relaxed woman around her loved ones

Processes you can transfer to others

A brand new relationship with your clients

And as a bonus processes to free you from your mind

Who is this for?

Women who are established in business and stepping up to the next level.

Understand and have their traumas before whether in coaching, therapy, or personal development.

Are willing to see and pass their excuses

What do I give you?

The utmost LOVE… direct, challenging and soft accountability

What makes this great?

You will be learning to live your best life with your physical and internal identity will no longer be separated from who you are.

When does it start?

13th September 9.30 am for 6 weeks. There will be an extra added bonus session in September to make sure you are still on track.

Via Zoom for 1hr (replays available)

How much is it? Money doesn’t have to be an issue with this, I have created payments to suit everyone.

£1111 in full pay here

£1555 split payments at 10 x £155 click here

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