Reiki Packages for Spiritually Connected Businesswomen and Professionals

Hey, you! I am Trina and I am really excited that you are here. Why? Because you are READY to find some calm in your health, life and business. Sessions are distance worldwide (coming soon in-person in the Nottinghamshire area)

Bespoke Reiki specifically to deepen your intuition and connect with your guides

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a centuries-old non-invasive hand healing treatment that uses universal energy to ease tension within the mind, body and soul.

Book now, to avoid disappointment, there are only 8 slots available for January only.

Reiki session (30 mins) £60

Trying reiki for the first time or coming back to a relaxing practice? This session is for you to unwind and let go of the day to day heaviness and feel lighter in your mind and grounded to complete tasks once well-rested.

Long term Reiki promotes better sleep, more energy, removal of blocked patterns and encourages creativity.

Before you book

It is important you have a deep sense of your own mindset whether through personal development, coaching or therapy work.

These sessions are to promote a sense of trust and safety as we open your energy centres.

If you have this level of understanding yourself, then continue with your booking.

Worldwide distance healing (in-person coming soon)

Does this sound like something you need? If so, and it FEELS right for you. Book now.

It was fascinating to feel the energy moving especially around my ‘sinus’ area/face. Very warming. Loved it.’

Marie Elizabeth Edward – Mee and You Networking

Book in for Retreat Reiki with Trina

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