The 3 Day RESET

For businesswomen to heal and REalign with their vision and purpose.

Visualise, plan and get on track to transform

  • LIVE online reiki and channelled healing
  • Bring back focus
  • Calm enough to enjoy life

Investment £9.99

Spiritual Guidance Coaching

Helping spiritually curious and conscious coaches stick to and live their ultimate vision through healing their bodies.

  • Bespoke 1-1 support
  • Stay focused and hit your goals
  • Create a more aligned direction

1-1 Twilight retreat and payment plans available

The Six.

Are you one of The Six? Transformative and expansive lifestyle overhaul of mind, body and soul. 8-month coaching to map, create and LIVE your whole life vision… the reward at the end? An exclusive clifftop retreat in Ibiza.

  • Online support, healing and guidance
  • Visualise and LIVE your dream health, life and business
  • Step into and embody your aligned freedom and success

Monthly and invest in full options

The One.

Private reiki healing and channelling mixed with luxury travel for spiritually conscious female coaches who have achieved their vision and seek inner peace to enjoy their life

  • Embody your vision
  • Step into the next level of life
  • Release blocks connected to living life

Apply within

Home garden and petsitting services for busy professionals

Do you need someone to lovingly look after your pets, at home while you are away at speaking events, on holiday with the family, or at international events?

  • Overnight services that save from putting your pets in boarding kennels
  • Providing a safe service for your pet and home
  • Putting your mind at ease while you are away

Costs are per night

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