To help you FEEL more aligned with your body so you grow and make more money in your business.

Hi, my name is Trina and I help manifesting coaches and businesswomen to invest in their health to grow their wealth through rapid business growth.

I do this by adopting a 360 approach to your well-being and money making growth without all the stress and burnout.

My 360 approach is to look deeply into reconnecting your physicality with mindset and spirituality to allow you to flow to the next level of income.


Because at this moment I see many businesswomen who have it all, want more money, want more time with the family, want to create bigger waves in their business and yet physically struggling inside. They are doing the same fitness and diet programs, yet each time they are not working. Either both are inconsistent or one is off balance.

This has been going on for sometime, and with ALL this business growth, and with ALL the extra pressures that life brings… our bodies are breaking and we can feel STUCK moving to the next stage and each time we are STUCK… we have to push through to breaking point.

After over 10 years working in the health and wellness industry, I have come to realise that we are all unique. Yes, we are all connected but physiologically we are all unique in how we work. Whatever… health routine works for one person, is not the same for another.

And our health routines are deeply connected to how we attract in more money.

This has led me to develop a BESPOKE program called The S.L.G Transformation Program (The acronyms will be revealed soon as it is undergoing trademarking… exciting!!)

Within S.L.G… you will learn…

How to TUNE into your body for better ease in life and watch money drop in when you are with your family

How to FEEL into your eating patterns, especially around any uplevel… no more shoving yourself through that birth canal

How to WORK WITH your energy and be more seductive and productive

How to STREAMLINE your life and run your business with ease

How to GROW your wealth with grace, while keeping your physicality smiling

How to CREATE that fitness program that works for you and fits with your life and business

How your body enables you to CONNECT DEEPER with your guides… they want you to have long term monetary flow.

How to LOVE yourself, no more lies and deceiving yourself or your wellbeing

Transform the way you live your life AND your health without impacting your business growth… RIGHT NOW

Let go of the things that do not SERVE your mind, body and soul

Navigate and SCALE your business with ease

SHINE from the inside out!


Who is this for?

Passionate, driven and disciplined high achieving Businesswomen who have been in business for 2 years minimum. Women who a READY to vibrationally raise their health to SUPERSEDE and SUPPORT their business growth.

Trina is a highly rated intuitive coach and writer, with many years in the fitness industry, her work has stemmed worldwide, working with CEOs, physios, coaches, entrepreneurs. Her successful personal training business saw her work with over 2000 people. This work entailed working with physical injuries, rehabilitation after illness, operations, childbirth and more. In 2018, she gave it all up because she felt there was more to this work, and started identifying many of her client’s physical attributes were connected to what was going on in their lives. At the same time, she was overcoming and moving through her own journey into her mindset and then deeper into spiritual practices, leading her into working on her own physicality, mindset and spirituality thus transforming her own wellbeing to become the leader of her life.

Aiding you to MOVE FORWARD and lead yours…

Ask yourself these questions…

Does any of what you read so far resonate with you?

Do you burnout after every uplevel or business scale?

Maybe you eat more during a launch or release of a new program?

Do you NEED more ENERGY?

Does your internal body feel like it needs an overhaul? Maybe you need MORE energy?

Do you FEEL your body is no longer liking what you put in it? Maybe you feel guilty about letting go?

Do you notice that your body is struggling with tiredness, physical aches and pains when your business is growing?

Do you need more space from your family? Maybe you wish you were calmer with them

Do you need to create boundaries in your life?

Does your posture need straightening?

Do you feel like you need you have gone round in circles and NEED some god damn accountability to do something LONG TERM?

Did you answer YES to some or MOST of these? Then YOU need to talk to Trina

Trina will give you the ACCOUNTABILITY to aid you in FEELING into your health.

So you find the CLARITY that you so desire, the DIRECTION that you need and the FOCUS to create the health you have always wanted while keeping yourself from falling prey to hidden physical stresses again.


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