Spiritual Guidance Coaching

Live your soul’s FREEDOM

when it comes to


Are you a Spiritually Conscious Coach who’s…

feeling life is stressful and confusing at times?

Maybe you FEEL like you do not have the time for all you need to do… not sleeping, eating properly and this is seeing you getting snappy with yourself… you just want to be in LOVE with your LIFE

If this is speaking to you, then it is time to contact Trina and her guides.

How is stress affecting my Soul Aligned life?

The thing about stress is

A. It is stopping you from living your life

B. Affecting your body… are you always ill?

C. Pulling you out of alignment

When all you need is


So, we can sleep better, eat better and just LIVE our lives as intended.

What do I do?

I tune into your energy and speak to angelic realms to open up your awareness and provide answers to your burning questions, so you feel more enlightened, leave believing in yourself and ultimately show up and SOULFULLY take action in your health, life and business.

This is for those that take action.

What is the cost?

£580 per calendar month (minimum 3 months) via Stripe (sign up via wordpress)

What’s included?

1 hour bespoke planning consultation (booking link and contract sent after initial sign up)

2 x 30 minute bi-monthly online angel guidance and coaching (dates confirmed during initial consultation)


Is it worth the RISK?

I will be honest if you are questioning this session. Then this is not for you. You will know if you need me.

Are there any other costs involved?


Are there minimum terms? When can I cancel?

The minimum term is consecutive 3 months and a 14 day policy in place (sessions taken will be deducted if they have been used). Quick fixes are not our forte here. Long-term changes are something I deeply believe in and something you need to master if you are to carry your clients, homelife and business. If this is not your vision then this work is not for you. Refunds are at my discretion and based on sessions taken.


Understanding, courage and unlocking these sessions achieved – Life and executive coach, TedEx Speaker Jennifer Maher – https://begealcoaching.ie/

Looking for spiritual and physical guidance for channelling business, success and wealth – Holistic Strategic Marketing Professional – Caroline Wragg from https://www.starflowercompany.co.uk/

Simply sign UP today

(Payments are via Stripe through WordPress)

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