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Is life stressful? Confusing at times? Maybe you FEEL like you do not have the time for all you need to do… and this is seeing you getting snappy with everyone, not only that… You just want to FEEL great.

How is stress affecting my health?

The thing about stress is this… stress can be hidden.

While we are saying ‘I’m fine’ or ‘I’m great!’ we may not really feel it.

Stress isn’t bad, it can and is to help you grow and move forward. However, hidden stress can cause a multitude of issues within the body such as skin issues, eating problems, posture changes, heart palpitations, deregulates hormones and throw’s the body off balance.

To the point you are taking, breaking or even faking your energy

This leads to further problems, such as taking lengthy time away from your business.

Many people who have worked with me, do not want to be incapacitated and away from the work they do due to their body not being FULLY prepared to fight illness.

So WHY does this happen?

In my experience, we are not taking adequate time away or effective time to sort and face some of the background situations we are in. We tend to work more than we physically can and never ask for help.

Top this with many poor nights sleep and now our body is actually running on empty

Leaving us craving FOCUS, CLARITY and DIRECTION

What do I do?

I come in my guides and help you reconnect to your guides the exact guides who are looking to get your health back on track and integrate this with your life and business. They have been asking you to sort yourself and your life out for some time now and they know that you have been putting this off.

Infact they say you have been pretty disconnected from the tasks that actually get you to shine from the inside out.

Your body cannot keep working overtime in this way and you need to ‘schedule yourself’ to sort this out before things change and you end up on forced bedrest!

All is not lost because you are at this page right now, a page where you can find everything you need in us, so we can lovingly reconnect you with your physicality, mindset and spirituality for explosive results in your health, life and business.

For a small investment in you, you can begin to truly FEEL what it is like to live the life of your dreams rather than papering over the cracks.

With this monthly guidance,we are here to aid you through the rollercoaster ride that is life with a big smile on your face.

We’d love for you to join us in helping you discover the true meaning of YOU and why you are here.

We have even made it super easy to sign up too.

What is the cost?

This is a simple low cost method to have personal access to this divine experience to empower your momentum.

£580 per calendar month (minimum 3 months)

What’s included?

1 hour bespoke planning consultation (booking link and contract sent after initial sign up)

2 x 30 minute bi-monthly online spirit guidance and coaching (dates confirmed during initial consultation)

Voxxer support (One question a week, replies within 48hrs unless a weekend)


Is it worth the RISK?

I will be honest, RISK is part of life. You get married, have kids, hire a business coach. It is ALL a risk. If you are not into betting on you, this is not for you. I cannot guarantee you will get the results you see here. Many businesses cannot guarantee the results on their sites… check the small print. On that note, I am confident if you do the work you will get the result you need.

Are there any other costs involved?

Only if you would like to join my Premium 1-1 or Signature 8 month packages with exclusive SELFindulgent Ibiza Retreat. Please feel free to ask if you’d like more information.

Are there minimum terms? When can I cancel?

The minimum term is consecutive 3 months and a 14 day policy in place (sessions taken will be deducted if they have been used). Quick fixes are not our forte here. Long term health is something we deeply believe in and something you need to master if you are to carry your clients, homelife and business. If this is not your vision then this work is not for you. What we suggest is that you revise your health goals and find someone that fits this. I understand that there may be circumstances out of our control where this may not be the right fit. In those moments a refund is at my discretion.

I can get this elsewhere?

I am sure you can. No one does this process like Trina can because Trina is unique at the way she delivers her craft.


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