The Spiritual Business Network -1st Tuesday of every month

On the 1st Tuesday of every month, I’m bringing together a network of spiritual businesswomen who want to grow, collaborate and create money together.

This group is to make real connections worldwide online and offline, to build a village, a network, and a team of powerful and angelic women.

For 90 minutes each month we will meet, support and co-create together:

  • Get to know and support each other and our businesses on a much deeper level

  • Cheer each other on and help reach new connections as we make more giant waves worldwide, whether to speak globally, build a global brand and more.

  • Make sure you confidently stay on track with your biggest goals, visions and desires

  • The final 30 minutes are co-creating together because the energy of ‘village power’ raises our energy to put firm plans in place…
    • Whether you are updating your marketing
    • Sorting your energetic sales funnel
    • Writing your enticing posts
    • Whatever it is… this final part of the session is for you.

There are two payment types, to be a visitor or be an ambassador…

Coming soon… Ambassador membership

  • Money as an exchange for introducing new ambassadors
  • Paid speaking/training opportunities at the networking events
  • Access to our ‘Ambassadors’ directory
  • Video promotion within the ‘Spiritual Business Network’ community

Coming for the first time? £27

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