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Trina Kavanagh-Thomas is an ultimate nature lover, experienced in physical injury prevention, science geek, spiritual healer and founder of ‘The Mind and Body Collective’ community, co-author in the voices of hope anthology, creator of the social media switch off – for purposeful, intentional and positive social media usage, and is currently studying a Bachelors in Health Science which has disciplines in psychology, human biology and movement.

Her words open and deepen the energy channels within yourself, providing motivation, empowerment and creating a sanctuary of strength, collaboration and integrity for female spiritually connected career professionals and entrepreneurs who want to the firePOWER that helps YOU tune into YOU. When YOU tune into YOU this brings more time freedom to bring joy and LOVE into yours and your clients lives. 

Over the last year, Trina has been helping her clients breakthrough cyclic patterns associated with their wellbeing by reconnecting physicality with mindset and spirituality.

Trina hosts talks for larger communities about how your physiology is the missing link in providing clarity, direction and focuses within new (and existing) projects and plans around health, life and business with simple yet transformational practices.

You can find Trina spending a lot of her time wild swimming, hiking the countryside and also at her local spa… well, it’s all about balance!

Trina provides a wealth of valuable information for FREE including coaching tips, channelling and things to do gain more energy via her blog, vlog and podcast so you can get to know her better and what she is all about.

If you would like Trina to help you tune YOU into YOU. Her paid group coaching and introductory 1-2-1 services can be found below.

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