Grab your copy now… “Extraordinary women, inspiring stories…”

“Many women become trapped in their lives feeling hopeless and alone. They are overwhelmed by their situation that they can no longer see a way out until… the pain they are suffering becomes too much and they reach critical point of ‘enough is enough’

This is the Pivotal Moment when they summon up their courage from deep within their soul…”

33 breath-taking stories delicately put together by anthologist Brenda Dempsey.

This is the start of my uprising… ‘I refuse to give up on myself on the path to freedom’ – Trina Kavanagh-Thomas

I truly believe, words change life’s… Collect your copy today

Voices of courage
  • Postage £2.95


Access the visualisations and self-study course that help you intuitively lean into you and your body and creative growth.

More courses to be uploaded.

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