The Mind and Body Collective

Two reasons to join the Mind and Body Collective as a founding member before 31st October

You will get our great collective membership with co-working, group coaching and expert training ALL IN on this one time offer!

The Mind and Body Collective will cost 50% more after October 31st. A perfect time to invest in your health, life and business

For Spiritually Connected Businesswomen who are READY to take ‘the time to breathe, for the space to create and the energy to take move propel forward’ in health, life and business

Nobody knows YOU better than YOU

Not your mum

Not your dad

Not your coach or PT (including me)

Not the media

Or Society

But you!

Welcome to the Mind and Body Collective for spiritually connected businesswomen who are ready to FEEL into their health, life and business.

And, I have created the perfect sanctuary for you to make friends, grow your business, and confidently say YES to you and your needs

The life you have always wanted to live is about to become your reality when you let it

  • MOVE FORWARD – You will be able to take yourself to the NEXT LEVEL of your life, health and business
  • BUILD CONFIDENCE – Know ‘WHAT’S NEXT’ by increasing your STRENGTH and POWER
  • TRANSFORM your health – on a much deeper level and open yourself to receiving more love, money, time and happiness
  • IMPACT – more people with your increased inner smile to match your outer lifestyle
  • MANIFEST EVEN BIGGER – Know, like and trust YOURSELF to create the life you have been always wanted now.
  • BECOME THE CREATOR – engineer your own mind and body connection that moves worlds, accesses bigger dreams and takes on each uplevel with ease.
  • GAIN SUPPORT – Have the support of a collective energy that is here to hold you accountable as you grow
  • BECOME EMPOWERED – Allow time and space will become second nature

You do not have to wait you can join us right now with my simple confidence building techniques, co-working segments and hangouts that allow you to take action away from the noise and distractions

Join us as a founding member in the Mind and Body Collective

A complete group coaching and work together membership to balance your spiritual, physical and emotional needs without impacting your health, life and business.

What do YOU need?

When physicality (something that is overlooked in coaching) is rebalanced with mindset and spirituality it is important to look at all avenues. In science it is shown that underlying psychological stress (such as pressure we put on ourselves to get things done, to be the best, to perfect a piece of work) affects physicality, therefore physical health is just as important as mind and spiritual health, they ALL feed each other. Feeling into your body gifts the ability to know exactly what you need and equally break through what’s holding you back

Simply choose per month or year

Included in the Mind and Body Collective

LIVE Group Coaching

Group coaching is not surface level but root level. Aiding you to FEEL into and FREE you from your physical, spiritual and emotional relationships with food, movement and beyond that are related to your everyday tasks.

Action based Co-Working

There’s nothing more empowering than being held accountable and achieving what you have set out to do. Here, in the mind and body collective we host direction based co-working space, where we remove the emotions away from business.

LIVE Weekly hangouts

You will have access to 32 live collective cuppas during the year and 14 bonus replays. Our weekly get together. Talk out your problems, celebrate your wins, hold space and leave feeling on top of the world. It’s time to remove the rocks of your back and leave it behind on the curb.

Expert Training

Mind health is just as important as physical health. This is why here at the mind and body collective we deliver expert training to help you build new knowledge to either scale, set sail or start over in business.

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Support and Guidance

We all need help at some point and the help within the collective is the best. There’s always someone to lend a hand, raise a smile, ask a question to open our minds or even hold space without judgement.

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Create and Nurture Space

Are you being led back to your creative passions or maybe you are ready to nest? Physical and creative healing allows us to detach from our business creations reconnect on a deeper level with ourselves and our clients.

Why health, life and business?

Simple, health creates a foundation for life and business. We can have a great life and business, yet wish we had better health because we crave for more physical energy or our body is having erratic periods, major mood swings. However, health… in complete mind body or spirit means we are calm in making decisions, knowing when we need rest, and sleep so well that it feeds into our next creations.

Simply choose per month or year

Is it time for you to take action with a collective force behind you?

This is about showing up for you and building the confidence to do so. Our collective is super simple and Trina is here to support and guide you with gentle nudges along the way.

You will find the time to breathe, for the space to create and the energy to take action on your inner calling rather than your thoughts

And to top it off you will have the ability to create the most powerful version of you, and your health, life and business yet… all without distractions.

Do you NEED more TIME?

We are here to help you create it and work through the emotions that we become attached to. Others peoples thoughts. Remember, you are NOT LAZY as you sort out your life, look after your family, hold down extra jobs and a homes. Far from it! That is a narrative. Yes, we have to either use our time wisely or use your flow state to create the discipline and confidence to find that time to breathe, for that space to create and the energy to take precise action.

Simply choose per month or year

Mind and Body Collective Feedback

I just LOVE our get togethers. So informative and gets me motivated!

Marie Elizabeth Edwards

Saying ‘YES!’ to you, changes your clients lives too.

About Trina

Hey you! I am Trina and I have created this collective space through my own expansion.

I also mix science with spiritual practice to aid you find your true self in all the hype.

You see, a while ago I was dreaming of less distractions so I had more time, space and the energy to live a happier existence.

I craved to be consistent, clear-minded, focused and in less physical pain

However, that quickly changed when I soon became my body’s best friend and as one we learned just how much I distracted myself and what we could do together to get back into fitness, remain strong, healthy and happy in mind , body and soul without being side-tracked.

While I became consistent, made laser-focused decisions, and noticed just how much I had become psychologically attached to my work. That I started to see my family suffer.

So I took the time to breathe, for the space to create and the energy to take action and the Mind and Body Collective was born.

A place where you can use your health to FEEL into your true passions.

We cover health, life and business through mind, body and spirit because each one complements other.

I am not special, in fact, I am a normal human who’s listening to what her body needs, reconnecting with art and honouring each step of the process.

No holding ourselves back

I cannot wait to welcome you into the Collective

Trina xxx

What is your purpose?

It is OK to NOT know! Many of us, do not know. It is not until you are in your silent moments that you edge closer to who you truly are. Our brains take in 60,000 thoughts a day.. so creating a platform away from social media was key. Because as soon as your eyes look at the screen we have consumed what 50 people have had for dinner, 8,000 cute kittens and very much everyone else’s thoughts before we can even decide what we want to do for the day. Creating a space that you can come to, decide where you want to be and clear you mind is really key with the mind and body collective. And there’s nothing more rewarding that doing what YOU love with your unique stamp.

Simply choose per month or year

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