The Ultimate 1:1 Program

Connecting your body with the outside world

This is the Ultimate Health Program

Helping you FULLY integrate all the bodies with the physical stress relief, higher power inner guidance… because together they are not just a team, but a POWERHOUSE

Who is this for?

The spiritually connected female coach, therapist or mentor who is breaking through barriers globally and is now desiring that her body can hold this level of growth and influence with all the energy she needs to keep moving forward.

What are you?

You are pretty damn spiritual and you and I know your guides have been calling on you about your health. However, you have been ignoring them somewhat. They are asking you to reassess your health, right now. Because we love you and your clients, and family and you need you.

Trina is waiting for your call

I am here and ready with your POWERTEAM to help you bespokely curate and create the health of your dreams that POWERS-UP everything you do… that MIDAS touch for that wide inner smile that matches your outer lifestyle

It is TIME to shine brighter

You are due to shine even brighter than you do now because you will that the STRENGTH and WILLPOWER to carry your body into meetings with more POWER, sleep the BEST night’s sleep in years, have the eating PLAN that suits you and your life, AND CREATE even more meaningful and impactful relationships that build your ENERGY to motivate others.

Are you ready to have your physicality matching the vibration of your higher self?

About this program

This program is NOT a step-by step process it is bespoke and uniquely tailored to your needs. Hence this is NOT a shiny sales page trying to draw you in.

Instead, you click the link to a special application to establish who you are – what excites you – what your business is about – what you are working through – what is needed to help you feel more energised, strong and powerful long term.

The transformation completes in Ibiza…

Join me for POWERFUL 5 days of luxury in the La Torre Hotel Canonigo for a special break to not only recharge your energy, close our time and super recharge your soul. We will go deep on the strength and power your body holds. With exclusive 1-1 energy healing massage, luxury pampering, gorgeous and fresh breakfast, lunch and dinner all included (flights and insurance are required). This beautiful experience will take place end of October 2023.

Apply and be accepted before the 1st August and receive a Private Yacht Trip


In FULL 12 months £20,000

Payment plan 1 – 2 x £10,000

Payment plan 2 – 10 x £2000 per month

Start the application

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