Work with Trina

I like to make this easy, there’s 3 way’s to work with me……..

1.The first is 1-1 there are 3 x 1-1 alternative personal training spaces, helping women in business  women to TRANSFORM their BODY and MINDSET so they are able to get their TIME and ENERGY back by unlocking your physical and emotional to attract the right people, money and situations into your life. I am here to wave my magic wand and show you this by successfully tapping into the independent potential that you have to self heal. Click to access your free call.

Book your 45 minute Wellbeing Call

2. Want to work on your health in your own time? Then access the Alternative Personal Training academy where you have quick and easy entry to VIP bespoke bitesized teachings and luxurious visualisations to help your quick ease muscular tension, gain back time, increase energy on an individual or rolling monthly membership basis.

Access the VIP membership academy

3. Collaborate with me by either joining as an expert in the #socialmediaswitchoff interviews, or me teaching alternative personal training interactive workshops to transform your clients health and create community buzz, so you can take time out on you. Fill in the form to connect.

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