Confident health with Trina

I like to make this easy, there’s 3 way’s to work with me…

Transformational Confidence Coaching with Alternative Personal Training 12 week program

Helping businesswomen to CREATE the BODY and MINDSET they want and increase TIME and NATURAL CONFIDENCE through unlocking your physical and emotional to attract the right people, money and situations into your life. I do this by mixing traditional personal training with holistic health coaching to give you a confident boost to your body and life.

Price £2497 includes 12 months Alternative personal training membership, Luxury daily skincare kit, 2 x Motivational Mapping sessions with Sarah Stones

Click to access your free call 45 minute ‘Kickstart Confidence’ Call

Work on your health in your own time?

Then access the Alternative Personal Training academy where you have quick and easy entry to VIP bespoke bitesize teachings and luxurious visualisations to help your quick ease muscular tension, gain your life, increase energy on an individual sessions or rolling monthly membership basis.

Prices from FREE to £49 Access the Alternative Personal Training Academy

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Are you an industry expert?

  • Collaborate with me Join me as an expert on the #socialmediaswitchoff movement, helping intuitive, spiritual and manifesting coaches cultivate their inner confidence
  • Naturally Boost the Confidence of your Clients or Communities Alternative personal training’s interactive workshops to transform your clients confidence, health and create a community buzz

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