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Are you a High Flying Transformational coach ready to balance physicality with your mindset and spirituality more for TIME, SPACE and FREEDOM?

I help you, the spiritually connected leader to CREATE ‘deep and powerful’ physical reconnection and transformation alongside your purpose by aiding you on a journey of intercellular change, where you will find time, space and energy to supercharge your impactful mission.

I do this by mixing movement with holistic health to help you take back power and forge a profound relationship with your body to rock the senses.

Introducing the 1-1 ‘Free Woman’ Deep Transformation Starter Program From £4995


1-1 Soul Getaway Retreat -Deep in the foothills of Snowdon, Wales, this 1-1 ‘Time out’ involves hiking, outdoor swimming and no businesspure adventure awaits

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Are you a spiritual entrepreneur rebuilding strength in your physical foundations?

Then it’s time to work on those foundations in the Collective Alternative Personal Training Membership, including coaching, simple bespoke exercises to increase physical strengthen and quick and easy entry to VIP bespoke bitesize teachings as well as luxurious visualisations to help you quickly ease inner muscular tension that improves your outer physical life.

Click to access your 10 minute ‘Soul Cuppa’ Call

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Are you an industry expert?

  • Collaborate with me Join me as an expert on the #socialmediaswitchoff movement, helping intuitive, spiritual and manifesting coaches cultivate their inner confidence
  • Naturally Boost the Confidence of your Clients or Communities Alternative personal training’s interactive workshops to transform your clients confidence, health and create a community buzz

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