From stressed out and in overwhelm to calm and flowing

Izabela helps children to fall in love with reading by aiding children and parents find the right books. Izabela is also well known in the Polish communities running the Polish MIBA group for the Mum’s in Business Association.
Before seeing me, Izabela liked to keep very busy doing things, feeling very rushed and very busy but not productive way. Feeling that she had to do all the things and was pulled in every direction. This didn’t feel great in any way with all the feelings of overwhelm and stress.
Izabela said that she felt that when we met she was drawn to me and knew deep down that I would be able to help her. This led her to act on what felt right for her.
Her main intention was to look after her business and what she achieved feeling calmer in herself, especially around things that were out of control. However, due to our work, Izabela now feels she can deal with her life.
As her business changed due to the focus on herself she started attracting the right people. As Izabela mentions this was one reason she came to me due to knowing it would positively impact her work. Yet, she did not expect her family life to change, nor her approach to what was going on for her.
Izabela put the work in to ease the tension in her jaw and her face, which is now calmer and more open, no longer does she bottle up, instead opting to be open, honest and real. The part of her body that opened up was her heart to be open and loving. You can truly see this in her work.

Izabela’s advice if you are considering using these services.

“You probably have thoughts or feelings that are drawing you into this, and we are normally right. We are very good at telling ourselves are all sorts of stories, but when you feel something or are connected to someone. You are probably right”

To add, Izabela felt privileged to work with me. The work that we did together was very special. She felt honoured and humbled.

From the bottom of my heart Izabela, for being you. Beautiful to work with you. Trina xx

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