Kirsty's Success Story – From Gym Addict to Pain-Free Freedom

Badass Business Coach for Independent Mums’ Kirsty worked with me on a 12-week Up-Level your Health program. The impact was transformational. From pushing herself in the gym, having a lot of injuries (for many years in fact) and it was frustrating for her. Kirsty quickly realised that she was punishing herself in the gym and that pushing too much was feeding into her injuries, she was a self-confessed gym addict. Kirsty really wanted to run too, it gave her a sense of freedom, but her injuries held her back. The frustration while working out in the gym needed to be worked on, Kirsty to found she was self-sabotaging her workout and made a connection that her training was based around anger in a controlled environment, especially coming out of a controlling marriage. It was understood control was her safety blanket, while freedom was unknown. From sore knees, shin splints, changing posture and foot placements, Kirsty’s running progressed, so much so, that she was able to run better, more effectively and comfortably while her injuries healed to become pain-free and gain the guilt-free freedom she so desired. Her gym training didn’t stop, it just got better, growing muscle strength minus the control and with better mental clarity too. The depth we went to wasn’t surface level coaching, like many of my client coaches, they have had personal coaching. What we did was get to the root of what was going on, working on the inside, out, rather than doing something ‘quick’ to cover it up on the outside, in. If you are a coach looking to use these services and have a story just like Kirsty’s have an open mind and heart as there is a great air of positivity to help you feel comfortable and understood.
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