Samantha's Success Story – From No Job to Sky-Rocketing Career

Systems and Processes Coach Samantha Maeer has just finished on the 8 Week Up-Level Your Health Coaching Program. Before we met, Sam did not have a lot of value for herself. After her MINI BODY ASSESSMENT CALL, Sam decided that my coaching was the right fit for her. Having accessed a lot of personal coaching over the last year, Sam liked the difference in the style of coaching I could provide her, helping her to reach the answers herself along with having many ‘ah-ha’ moments along the way.

This has leading her to be able to take notice of what her physical body telling her, which made a big difference than listening to her mind all the time.

Over time her confidence grew. From having had no job and the projects she was working on were not going her way to everything changing, enabling her to create her own future through the art of patience, tuning in to her physical body and being consistently grateful no matter what the situation. This allowed her time to gain clarity, have her gut instinct to kick in and let her life take hold without pushing through pressure.
As Sam says, take a leap.

Truly grateful to have worked with Sam. Lots of laughs, tears and a now a newly rejuvenated Sam who has literally catapulted her way to the top!!!! Well done!

Patience is where clarity is!

Are you a Female Coach who’s life sounds like Sam’s and you want to Up-Level your Health?
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