How to create more time freedom, space to think and energy to grow

Wow! It’s taken me ages to write this.

I have put it off over and over and over again, do you get that too?

Maybe it’s a podcast, journal, blog, post

Whatever it may be.

And for many of us… TIME… is cited as the number 1 reason to not commit to many of these practices.

Well, creating more time means decluttering your mind and taking action on those things we keep putting off.

So, tell me, what’s on your mind a lot of the time, that’s no longer working?

  • Is it your free communities?
  • Is it your over flowing email folder?
  • Is it the clothes all over the house that just need donating to someone else?
  • Is it removing yourself from groups?
  • Is it removing yourself from partnerships or friendships?

These are regular things that play on our mind and hold us back. However, when we work on releasing or detaching from them.

We find a BIG weight has been lifted off our shoulders and off our mind.

And miraculously, you have this much needed time to create worlds, space for clear direction and the energy to focus.

This is something I exercised myself recently, after 10 years of running free facebook communities I decided to close them down and concentrate wholly on growing my business, cultivating my health and reclaiming my time back with my family.

Meaning I could take time to be with my family during half term, there was no getting up to create posts, no having to reply just time to integrate, enjoy and love life.

And what happened?

I swam, I connected, I walked, I saw, I lovingly ate, I downloaded, I wrote, I had deep conversations, I picked wild garlic, I cooked and, most importantly


What happened to my work?

It got better, felt richer and in flow… a more connected feeling

Did I manifest?

Yes! I manifest faster

What was the reason for this happening?

Letting go gave me space to relax, rather than just saying it. , it was no longer occupying a place in my brain. Free to grow and do as I choose.

Is there something you need to let go of to grow?

You can create it…watch my video

You can start living the life you want, right now with the social media switch off

Kickstart the health, life and purpose you want and create more time freedom

Trina xx

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