Still scared of cows… West Witton to Aysgarth Falls

Do you ever wonder what you can do while offline?

To escape from the world, either by yourself of with your family.

It is so important to fill my daily 60,000 thoughts with love, peace and harmony.

My family LOVE all areas and today we visit Yorkshire and the beautiful village of West Witton along the river Ure. Our walk is towards Asgarth falls.

I am pretty scared of cows? Who else? And on our walk we have to travel through a field with a bull. And guess where the bull is? Near the gate onto the next field.

I let my fear set in and take a little short cut… over a stone wall and down a BIG banking… where we have to scramble back (or should I say climb back) up. My gosh! It is definitely one for the memory bank.

It isn’t until past the field with the bulls we climb back over.

Yes! We could have walked past. Yes, we could have ran past.

And I didn’t. I am still working through my fears. And have walked past bulls recently, thanks to my lovely friend Marie. It is getting better.

Not all inner children need to be pushed into facing fears straight away, it can be done gradually too. Until they are comfortable enough with the excitement fear can bring.

And we didn’t turn back, we took a more treacherous path above the river. Not sure which is better!

As we carry on and the pressure calms from the bull (or not so) experience… we follow the river to a bridge and take another path and… get lost.. oh yes. We got lost!

We end up walking across fields and further away from our desintation that ever. Luckily, I have a phone that finds my a little GPS. And we walk our way back to the bridge. It is a longer day and both of us are getting pretty. hungry. However, this is long forgotten as we take our path futher and start hearing the roar of the smaller waterfalls. Wild and rapid, we see people sitting on the sidelines having picnics. We pay attention to the sounds of the rushing water.

We set off along the rest of our path and past the most quaintest of churches that take us into the back of Aysgarth village. Where the water mills are and an amazing little cafe. We decide to fill up before we head off with chunky vegetable soup and a fruit scone for my son. It is wonderful how much of a gluten free selection they have. There’s some benches outside to sit and watch the world go by. People walking through to the bigger waterfall, our next stop.

The next path is just a short one. We across the bridge and head along the path to the bigger water fall.

And wow! The sound, the rush. So powerful.

We stop to take many shots taking in the force of energy there.

At the back of the waterfall however is different, its calm inviting and serene. You can see the underlying current that leads to the this beast of a waterfall. Ok, it’s not Niagara yet it has a beautiful force of it’s own. Where the brown of the peat flows and goes on its way towards Wensley and beyond. Travelling further up up stream the calmness is breath-taking and this is where we stop sit and dangle our feet in to cool down before we head home.

It’s a very hot day after all.

Trina xx

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