I must sleep, but I have divine inspiration

Who else?

You know all the science, you know all the data, you know the circadian clock… you know it.

But, you have a sudden bout of inspiration. After directing your energies elsewhere you have time for you and it comes through ten minutes to midnight. Surely I musn’t be the only one?

You have the word as coming through to sit and write, type, talk (into dictaphone)… inspiration.

And you know, it’s a great time to go with it. The kids are in bed, maybe hubby is sleeping.

And all the stuff you wanted to speak about, talk about comes flooding in.

Inspiration to write poems, tell stories, write your best work.

Right now… zero tiredness in sight.


Me: And what happens if you do not let it out?

I sleep badly, I wake in the middle of the night, I toss and turn

Me: So, basically you have an awful nights sleep?

Her: Yes

Me: So, what if you just go with it?

But, science says?

Me: But, science sometimes doesn’t take into account real life. They try and replicate it. But, it is not 100% real life. What makes you feel as ease?

To write it

Me: Then write it, then allow it out. Better out and in.

Here is the thing, while I LOVE science. However, when dealing with people… life is not so black and white.

What about their daily life?

Are they too busy with children, life and work to process thought?

The main grasp is when someone is able to get things off their mind and sometimes this does not happen often. What happens more often are the thoughts we keep in that build up. What happens are the sleepless nights trying to process all the words we have always wanted to say. ‘What if I did that this way?’ ‘I wish I said that to her?’

This is worry. And worry that builds up within the body… attributing to to stress which is connected to hormonal and immune imbalances.

Allowing ourselves the time to write until we are ready to sleep is wonderful, to give ourselves permission to face the words of inspiration that we have waited for is magical. No longer talking them out to ourselves in the bathroom or on walks. Just allowing the mind time to empty, for the space to create and energy to return to its peak levels.

By the way… her quality (not quantity) of sleep for that night was better. Deep.

Trina xx

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