Author… now… model? Wild swimming in Derbyshire

In July 2021 summer arrived weather wise and boy it was hot!

And after a fabulous walk in early May with my friend ‘Artist, Educator and Photographer’ Debra Webster, I was talking about a plan to have some photos taken to show the person I have become… myself.

As we spoke, Debra offered to take the photos for me.

Debra: I know you so well, I would capture… YOU

Me: Oh wow!! Yes!

And that’s when I saw it…

Me wearing a white dress in a river

As I told her, her eyes lit up

It was super funny because I spent the next weekend clearing clothing out of the loft and taking to the clothing bins at the local supermarket and their it was.. just about to to someone else’s wardrobe. My long white summer dress. I heard a voice say… keep it.

We waited until July and found a date with an original location of Three shires head on the cheshire, derbyshire and staffordshire border. We set of super early to miss the crowds but got lost.

We ended up parking in Gradbach… the path the Luds Church instead.

Me… (filled with excitement) ‘I’ve always wanted to go here’

Well, we got there… to the dark, dank chasm in the woods… a websites words

Too dark for our photos.

However, on route we passed a beautiful rock formation that had breathtaking views over debrshire.

We walked back and saw JUST how magical this place was!

Filled with fern and sprouting bushes. A beautiful wonderland.

We also spotted an amazing tree to sit/lay on.

I dress in my beautiful Jenny Packman dress for this one. Pink and full of sequins, then channelled my inner Aphrodite.

Photo Credit Debra Webster

And there I became a model.

A model! I have already written in two books and write this blog… but now I can say I model too! đŸ˜‰

And I channelled my inner model further as we headed back toward Gradbach, stopping at a river clearing. The words in my ear… here.

Ok, HERE it is!

And this is where we stopped, in this peaceful location, besides the river Dane. Beautiful, gentle and yet wild. I felt nervous. Not sure why. But, I ran with it and changed into my almost white dress.

And felt this gentle yet strong in energy…

Photo credit Debra Webster

In my element. I went further and further in until I was swimming. Something I have done for some time, since I was a child. It wasn’t too cold nor was it too deep. It was deep for swimming, yet you can still stand up.

I feel amazing!

Swimming, playing and just being me. And Debra caught ME perfectly.

Thank you

Trina xx

You can find Debra Webster – Educator, illustrator, Artist, Author and Photographer at

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