The Concept of Doing Nothing…. MEANS doing NOTHING

We do not create

We do not parent

We do not record a video

Write a post

Send an email

Create a program

The concept of doing nothing is to do nothing and most of all ENJOY it.

It is NOT lazy, yet it FEELS lazy

However, it is the best thing to create more physical, emotional and spiritual energy for the future.

I have invited many female entrepreneur clients on my programs to do nothing. It is part of the course.

It’s amazing what my clients say to me when I take them to the spa or hiking for the day. It is the time they realise that they are always doing something. And as the day unfolds, the energy that comes back into their body and their life is unbelievable. All that fresh energy to feed into our business and those around us.

Why do I do this?

Because I only know too well the power of doing this. The increase in our own connection with ourselves. The answers to our long awaited questions, fresh ideas because we are gifting ourselves the space to think.

So why do we not add more of this?

Guilt. We feel bad for not being a mum, wife, businesswoman. Is it time we allow ourselves to be us? To know what we want, who we are and what we can do in this world.

It’s time to add doing nothing, it is NOT lazy it’s SMART for business

It increases productivity, creates focus and gives us a level of connection so deep that no one can penetrate it.

If this sounds like something you need, then you need to be accessing my 1-1 Radical Reset. A luxury coaching program where we work closely together for 6 months with 2 VIP experience days (one at a health club and one adventuring in the Peak District) just enjoying the connection with you. You can access the Radical Reset and book your call with me.

Trina xx


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