What are you putting off?… Celebrating the stretch…

I cannot hold it in any longer and I wanted to share.


My first of two assignments are in! Starting number 2 today.

I have onboarded 2 new beautiful clients

Had the most wonderful reviews for my work

Found the most beautiful place to hold an energetic workshop

And, after being approached… I have been accepted to write for a prestigious global magazine.

You see, life works in contrast…

On the opposite side of this glory… is the stretch.

What is a stretch?

Moving through our comfort zone. It is great sometimes. However, if you have had enough of not fulfilling your dreams, then the next step is to stretch!

What does a stretch feel like?

It can feel different for many of us. Physically, we can freeze, mentally we can become distracted and run away, we can dip into practices to escape… anything not to show up.

Procrastination is the gateway to the stretch

What we are putting off is not accessing the gold. Whether we are putting off rest to refresh our ideas, whether we are putting off the work to grow, whether we are ignoring the aligned path, and whether we are not going for that walk, even though we know it will clear our energies. These are some of the action steps into the stretch.

What we do not get told about procrastination?

Procrastination is NOT… I repeat is NOT lazy

Procrastination can hide some traumas (some that are complex) and the reaction that we are ‘feeling’ is our nervous system speaking. Regardless of whether that is in health, life or business, we can get this feeling. A feeling that I am afraid to say, is holding us back. There’s nothing wrong with it, it just wants us to be safe.

What reasons do we go through this?

One is fear of attack

So, what do we do?

We protect ourselves, whatever way that may be. Physically, over time the body changes, think hunched shoulders and tight chest.

This is NOT for everyone! Because what I am going to say next is… that sometimes…

To get anywhere in health, life or business, we are going to have to lean into the stretch, face and feel the feeling. And yes, that feeling doesn’t feel great, yet when you arm yourself with wonderful people and believe in your god damn talents. You can get through this.

All it takes is baby steps and a serious amount of utter self love is ALWAYS a must.

Here’s to your successes (and the stretch)

Trina xx

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