The truth about growth

There is an untold truth about growth. We watch and we see people doing well. Getting all the glory.

But, what we do not see is the CONTRAST and the STRETCH to reach new goals. We do not see the mindf*cks and overthinking. We do not notice the imposter syndrome, nor the narratives people go through.

We see the outcomes, we see the programs, we see the leadership.

Yet, we do not see the nervousness nor the stuff it took to climb those heights.

Welcome to the STRETCH

That bit where we push outside our comfort zone, when we have all the headaches, where cry into our pillow wondering… when me??

At first, it can feel great and we have the motivation, however, we all of a sudden get a trigger… that we are not worthy, good enough or cannot do it.

Our narrative kicks in and we start to shink back on CONTRACT

It feels far from great, it can feel quite exhausting and the body can take a battering.

Is it time to go easy on yourself while showing up by looking after yourself?

Have you processed your emotions as you climb?

Have you taken the rest?

Are you feeding yourself lovingly?

Drinking enough water?

Sleeping well?


This is a time when your health is a KEY component of your growth, having a firm structure. And while we know it, ask yourself… seriously… are we actually doing it?

We may find that these are things we have no time for, but the time we have no time for are the answers we need.

Are you going through a period of growth and have you harnessed the true POWER of your wellbeing?

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments, regarding your health. Happy to help you further.

Trina xx

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