Intuitive card reading 22nd-24th April

Hi, it’s me Trina back again with an intuitive card reading for the weekend of April 22nd-24th 2022.

These are for spiritually connected businesswomen who are looking for a 360 approach to their health that transforms their life and promotes successful and less stressful growth in business.

Each week there is a video for the blog, located at the bottom.

Remember, these are generalised card readings for entertainment purposes only. If they resonate, follow the blog, vlog and download my FREE training resource.

There are a lot of energies being picked up at the moment in the collective… confidence and creating boundaries are the main ones.

A lot of planets are converging, I am not a planetary expert so follow someone like Pam Gregory, who knows a lot more.

So, there is big stuff at large… it is time to get your ducks in a row, limited what is taking up your time, many of you are being asked to step up… this requires some stretch. Move things that are in your way… out.

Look at your social media usage, look at where you waste time… what is taking over the place of you having fun, being with family while evolving.

You may have felt headaches, confidence issues, physical muscle pains… hips/back/shoulders/ankles and chest.

Discombobulated is the word I’d use.

We may feel triggered often… does this resonate?

One card reading – Six of Swords

Watch the video to see the card.

In this card, there is a woman wearing a grey dress with a red shawl in a boat on stormy seas, the card is full of muted and dark blues. The boat is being pulled by ravens. They are creating the direction.

As swords are about thoughts… your thoughts are navigating your direction in life and you are just going with it. But it isn’t making you happy. She is not happy. She had resigned to this fact on the card and is taking her suitcase with her.

At the back of the boat, you can see a paddle… meaning, this lady can turn around and take control of the direction.

Meaning you can take control of your thoughts and the direction you are going in life.

Now a paddle in rough seas and no motor means that it may feel somewhat tough to do. But you can.

I notice colours on cards and the red shawl (in the video) to me is an indicator of some heart healing. I also feel that this heart healing is related to some stomach issues (I am no doctor, so go see one if you need it).

This card tells me that you need to start creating some boundaries around your heart.

Matters of the heart.

What matters most to you?

What is annoying you?

How do you create boundaries to protect what matters to you and let go of what is annoying you?

You cannot keep pleasing people forever for the sake of your own mental health. Can you?


Boundaries are POWER and a way for you to take your power back.

This is not telling others what their boundaries are, but just noting what yours are… what you will say yes or no to.

This can signal trauma of abandonment and more.

So, you are being asked to go easy on yourself, maybe start with small boundaries first if you are not ready. Dip your toes in… say no to something that takes you away from your work, study or family.

If you have been doing this and have had enough of certain things. Go ahead, say no to what is holding you back. Say ‘no’ to your children if they are asking for you to cook food after 9pm. It teaches our children boundaries, that there’s plenty of food in the house, to make their own food and to self regulate too. True story!

Remember, boundaries work both ways… respect other people’s boundaries, including that of our children and family.

And set boundaries with the universe too, tell it what you are not prepared to do at the cost of your own sanity and health. If the universe whats you to work with it, have some clear boundaries on what that means and looks like for you.

Because, when we allow our boundaries to get away from us…

We are pulled in the direction of our thoughts and can sink into some deep kind of depression.

This is not a bad card… none are!

It is to remind you that you have the POWER to turn around and move towards the star… on the card (watch the video).

Even if you have to get professional, coaching or friendly help to do so.

Our triggers are an indicator of boundaries being pushed to overthinking and breaking point.

I get some inner child/teenager yearning to be listened to, they need a little parenting and some connection too.

Finally, you are being asked to heal through a modality or physically. Look to your body, it has a lot of answers.

Trina xx

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