How to take control of your monthly hormonal cycles

This is for any woman who has a period, doesn’t have a period, follows the moon or has a hormonal cycle once menopause arrives.

I am a girl who LIVES by her monthly cycles. You will find that I limit contact with people during my periods. And although I write my darker energies during these times, I come back to them adjust them, sharing my better content from a higher energy point of view (one for another blog). Why? If you follow quantum physics, you will know that what you are feeling is exactly what you are attracting.

A few days before my period, I block timeout. This means I do not fill my calendar meeting new people or going places where lots of people are. I still work my jobs, go to the gym and see collective members/clients during those times. However, anything else is a NO. No extra appointments, no networking… nothing. I have absolutely no qualms about saying YES to me.

Letting go of the guilt and shame

You are NOT a bad person for choosing to rest, for making food fast, for prepping… or not. You are equally not awful for saying no to going to get togethers. Your energy matters.

Have you ever noticed your energy during this time, do you need to ground more? Feel like you are pushing hard and in need of more physical energy?

Tracking not just your periods but lunar and hormonal cycles is a great start. The answers are all there in your tracker, repeating moods, behaviours, your happiest moments (and why they are happy), your ideas and more. A great tracker contains them all. It show your cycle working like clockwork no matter whether your monthly cycles are on time or irregular. There is a cycle leading up to them and around them.

It is remarkable what you will find. I mean, eye opening. Those lower feelings, noting distractions that are ready to be overcome. Answers to getting out of your own way. Including the fears/anxieties we all have to the imposter syndromes to the ‘I am invincible and everything IS possible’ to the ‘sky high as a kite ungrounded’ you will find that there was synergy between your higher emotions during higher physical energy states and lower emotions during times when the body needs more energy to move forward.

And it is the lower energetic times where you may find you need to stay on planet earth to get those juicy signals that help you flow.

Otherwise you may end up seeking to become physically, mentally and spiritually energetic during those times. Hence, having a good care package helps look after your body and your needs.

And this is the pies de resistance, and we always have a choice… work with it or against it.

Both are felt, however, the latter is felt and comes up in varying ways in the body as a psychological stress

Have you ever worked with your cycle? And this counts whether you have a period or not. The hormonal cycle is VERY real too.

Where to start?

The easiest and very low cost method is to create a journal or cycle tracker. There are apps too. However, I personally find a journal lifechanging. You can use a dictaphone, however, I find this incredible hard to track cycles. I use dictaphones for speaking out ideas. In a journal you can write anything. Personally mine is a bit of structure and freedom writing. In there it will track repeating patterns, energy levels and when you are going through any moments in life that you want an answer to, simply… pick a page and see just how in sync it is with what you are going through. You provide your own answers!

Understanding your cycles helps you become aware of your own patterns, take on your own belief’s, comfort your wounded inner child and empower your divine adult.

Again, regardless of whether you have a period, follow the moon, are perimenopausal or menopausal you still have a cycle that is the key to your health. It is here to help you become aware of when you are pushing past your energy quota and letting you know when to reign it in for that extra surge in energy.

All while learning to feel out those narratives to move yourself forward, ditching the guilt by honouring you on route.

What do you do when honouring your lower times?

You can STILL work during this time, if it feels right. However, you may find that rescheduling meetings with people helps you get tasks done that are important. It is about knowing your energy. You may find limiting distractions such as social media helps, increasing your self care by increasing your self validation, love and safety. Do what FEELs right for you? For most women I work with, delving into your creative passions help massively.

To recap, you can do what you want. That is choice. However, if this resonates, write a daily journal, know your patterns, look after you as you gain your own answers.

And finally as you gain your own answers in health, life and business ground them as your new identity and allow yourSELF to flourish.

Love to hear your thoughts on your monthly cycles, are they working for you or not

Check out my recent youtube video around how I honour my period

Trina xx

If you are a creative female entrepreneur and love all things spiritual. We’d love to have you join us as a founding member in the mind and body collective, a place to find the time to breathe, space to create and boost in the energy to take action.

I also work deeper level 1-1 to help you reconnect your physicality with mindset and spirituality

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